Top 5 Reasons to Purchase North Star Product Range

  1. 1
    Work as a Solution Provider

    North Star Industries is a leading player who has emerged as a customize solution provider company for industrial packing, sealing & insulation material. We look forward to combine our innovative technological solutions and exceptional customer service to deliver our customized products that will help your organization to achieve its goal.

  2. 2
    Providing Excellent Quality using Best Raw Material

    North Star Industries is well aware of this fact that performance of packing, sealing & insulation material is purely depend on raw material quality. We procure raw material from genuine & authenticated supplier to manufactured excellent quality of final product.

  3. 3
    Customized Engineering Solution

    North Star Industries provide engineering solution in designing, manufacturing and integrating custom packing, sealing & insulation material. It can be customized customers needs and application. We have dedicated engineering team for customer support.

  4. 4
    Extensive Product Selection

    North Star Industries offer wide range of product selection related to packing, sealing & insulation material for industrial application. We offer complete range of non asbestos braided gland packing (manufactured from pure PTFE fiber, graphite filled PTFE fiber, aramid fiber, carbon fiber & combination of packing), expanded PTFE products, high temperature resistant sealing & insulation products, flexible graphite products & industrial polymer products.

  5. 5
    Outstanding Customer Support

    North Star Industries commit outstanding quality for packing, sealing & insulation material in non asbestos variety. Product performance is purely depends on working condition, selection of material, condition of instrument any many more. We assure support for selection of product related to packing, sealing & insulation material. Wrong selection will increase maintenance activity and increase downtime.


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